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"Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear."-St. Catherine of Siena refresh

Posted by p/Nobody_nowhere Submitted 17 minutes ago.
Illan Ohmar

"The border is closed to refugees, secured by walls, trenches and guards who have shot people trying to cross without permission," the WSJ reports.
"It's never gonna get any better than this kids. This is the eye of the prefect motherfucking storm... This is it!... and you have your thumbs up your big f**king asses!"
Spurred by an exchange between regular commenters dfordoom and EliteCommInc, following are a few graphs showing the change over time in church attendance and certainty of God’s existence among American Christians, as well as the percentages of Americans identifying as Christian, all by broad age cohort: The stated beliefs and reported behaviors of self-identifying Christians […]
Illegal immigrants driving without a license will be issued a summons instead of getting arrested in an effort to sidestep federal authorities, a new Cambridge ordinance orders, which city councilors say formalizes existing policy in the city.
California Assemblymember Lorena Gonzales (D-San Diego), author of the labor law that has essentially declared war on the state’s gig worker economy, may have a new magnum opus.  Earlier this week, Gonzales and Assemblymember Christina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) proposed a bill that would require adult entertainers, performers, and web-cam models to undergo state-mandated training and […]