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UnsilencedVoice is a social network that encourages liberty, diversity of thought, and freedom of speech.
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"How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"-Thomas Jeffersons refresh

Posted by p/NoStepOnSnek verified_user Submitted about 17 hours ago.
A Georgia man who has played a mall Santa Claus for the last 50 years was fired earlier this week for posting a photograph in a Trump hat on his personal Facebook account. Frank Skinner’s decades long career playing Father Christmas includes 14 years at the Mall of Waycross, the mall that just fired him …
Posted by p/ZeroEight verified_user Submitted about 5 hours ago.
Hello Anons

Hello Anons
I just removed a user from the site that was posting slander about UnsilencedVoice on this site and another social media platform.  He was inflamed simply because he received a warning to stop spamming repetitive content on the site.

Let me explain what this means, this user uploaded the same meme 10 times in a row (within a few minutes of each other) and we removed all but one of them. The memes were of various photoshops of fictitious products for sale (e.g. back packs, shower curtains, coffee mugs-- all with the same message on them) We consider this spam and we removed it at our our discretion because it did not contain any useful message or purpose other than to annoy the users of the site--requiring users to scroll past many pages of this content just to get to other posts.

I want to remind everyone that this person was not moderated because of the opinion or content of the posts, but rather the number of consecutive times the posts were submitted in a short amount of time.

I passionately created this website with the intent to give people a platform to voice themselves freely. I feel this type of moderation must be done in order to maintain a level of quality for the website.

UnsilencedVoice is a new website and we encounter new challenges daily. We do not remove content that is dissenting or disagreeable. We only remove content that violates our terms of service.

We've updated our terms to include: We reserve the right to remove repetitive or similar content posted by the same user in a short period of time. We reserve the right to ban users from our site who post slander about UnsilencedVoice on this site or on other social media platforms.

What does slander mean? https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/slander
The meeting between Pelosi and the Islamists represents yet more evidence of the alignment of Islamists as members of the political resistance to Trump.
AMERICANS!  Race doesnt matter...We can come to an agreement later.