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"I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit."-Theodore Roosevelt refresh

S386 to expire in Senate by Dec 2020 unless passed. Will Joe Biden & Kamal Harris help? Will democrats remove country based green card limits?
Posted by p/TrumpisnotOJ Submitted about 23 hours ago.
Pssst... over here over here....

Men will always be superior to women.

While there are individual tough and kick ass women, the same kind of man will always kick her hind with a b.

Be offended. Truth is the truth.

That is awl.

They can't push their "Great Reset" communist grab until they attack the economy (small businesses); just like they can't push a nanny state until they attack the family. They create the problems to sell us their solution. 

They need to destroy our perfectly functioning societies in order to rebuild them in their image. Like they did when they starved out China to usher in Mao then Deng. A drip effect of resources afterward. For the price of silence and obedience.

Why hasn't Kamala Harris resigned her senate seat yet?

Because she knows she has no actual mandate for the vice presidency. This is her self-assessment. She is not assured of the grab. The evidence of fraud mounts daily.

Stand your ground, and unite against this commie-mafia-luciferian insurgency.

Their communism is bleeding. If it bleeds, we can kill it. It has subsisted on our earnings and forebearance long enough.

To all of you here who know the cost of liberty - I salute you. To the others - warm notice to get off the tracks. Train coming through.

Israel's parliament on Wednesday passed a preliminary measure to dissolve the dysfunctional government coalition between Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu, setting the stage for Israel's fourth election in two years.

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Over 153,000 Americans are watching the Michigan House Elections Fraud Hearings tonight on RSBNetwork. This was an AMAZING HEARING! One witness, and a Dominion-trained IT contractor, named Melissa Carone went off on the Democrats who only appeared to be harassing witnesses. The Democrat lawmakers were not there to learn or listen. They were there to intimidate and accuse.
Here's the specific exchange: