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"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."-Bob Marley refresh

Comrades, the administrative state will take care of all your food needs.  There is no reason to be self-sufficient in the production of food products.  As a result Vermont has designated the selling of seeds as "non-essential" and blocked from purchase: It is more than a little alarming to see state officials now beginning to…
Emily Jones Bolton stabbing inquest: 7 year old girl killed by random woman while riding scooter at Queen's Park in Heaton. Court opens case in girl's death
A cop beat his girlfriend to the point of hospitalization and when he was arrested on-duty for domestic violence and kidnapping his fellow cops made sure to humiliate him.
Posted by p/TheRightOne Submitted about 20 hours ago.
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Imagine this:  It’s 4:30 AM. You are inside a Smoke Shop and all of a sudden three burglars with masks on storm into the store. You have a gun next to you. Fearing for your safety, you fire a few rounds at the would-be robbers. Then the police show up and drag you off in…