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"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."-United Nations refresh

NEW YORK (AP) — Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx appears, on paper, to have escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, with an official state count of just four deaths in its 146-bed...
Kevin Clinesmith, a former top lawyer in James Comey's FBI, pleaded guilty on Friday to falsifying a federal spy warrant against Carter Page.
A group of protesters in Seattle marched through a residential neighborhood this week demanding that white residents give up their homes, dramatic video shows.
John McCain was born in Panama. John McAfee was born in England. Ted Cruz, Canada.
Turn off the hotspots and public WiFi and watch them scurry home. If home is the place they can get to social media.
no harm came to the kid...nor the child....nor hillary....... nor was it intended to be a threat against same....just humor

thank you 
On Tuesday 4th of August, an explosion at the Lebanese harbour in the heart of the capital Beirut caused devastating human casualties and material destruction. Over 140 people died instantly, 80 are still missing under the rubble, and over 5000 were wounded. More than 300,000 homes were destroyed and many more were damaged. 2,750 tons of …
It's been obvious they want the Soyboys and girl to get "Postaled" by some fed up cop or patriot. Then they'll smear blood over every media platform and call us Nazis.
Posted by p/That_guy_ Submitted about 3 hours ago.
Remember when Chucky Schumer, also married to a man, said the Deep State can hurt you "six ways from Sunday" Millie is getting Deep State attacked right now.