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"Guns are our friends because in a country without guns, I'm what's known as 'prey.' All females are."-Ann Coulter refresh

KFC have followed Gillette into the woke "attack your customers with social engineering" cesspit. This idiocy will not end well for any of us.
Eight people, including major Hillary Clinton donors and a witness in the Mueller investigation, have been charged in a massive campaign-finance scheme, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday.The individuals conspired to "make and conceal conduit and excessive campaign contributions" valued

In a society where a man can have his life completely ruined by getting into a relationship with a woman, why would any man want to be around a woman, when they are known for their emotions? If you're a man and you get accused of rape, then your life is over. I'm only a young man and I don't want anything to do with women because I don't want to have my life ruined. plus in our society, people have been having numerous premarital relations and I am not interested in a woman that has been with multiple partners. I also don't want to have any kids of mine taken away from me because the ex wanted to have them. I don't want them growing up without a father or worse, growing up with their mom telling them they're the wrong gender, like what happened to that little boy named James. I don't hate women, but I just can't afford to trust them.
Tech giant Google is facing yet another E.U. antitrust investigation just months after being fined $1.7 billion for violations. This investigation focuses on the company's "collection and use of data" from users.
Sarsour's 'Jewish-supremacy' outburst reeks of anti-Semitism. So why is Bernie Sanders aligning with her?