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"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."-Samuel Adams refresh

Posted by p/TheKEKist Submitted about 5 hours ago.
Oy vey goy!
#Badgoy #badgoys wat chu gunna do, wat chu gunna do wen the Israelis cum 4 u
Posted by p/Lyonzee007 Submitted about 19 hours ago.
Yeah there's no problem with (((them))) leveraging their key positions to dismantle western culture. It's all just a "conspiracy theory".
The charges grew from an investigation of online extremists, a group that seeks to unite different hate groups in preparation for a race war.
There has been a lot of back and forth and snide comments about the coming Lobby day on the 20th in Virginia. Aesop is calling everyone stupid. Matt Bracken says it’s a trap and a Buffalo jum…
A University of Georgia teaching assistant who routinely attacks the concept of "whiteness" on social media took it a step further Wednesday when he declared that "some white people may have to die" in order for black people to advance.
Philips was the aggressor and the young boys were just trying to be polite to a complete awkward weirdo banging on a drum.
Posted by p/George_Monger verified_user Submitted 1 day ago.
sorry...no darky princess'
Posted by p/Merle_dixon_ Submitted about 16 hours ago.
To my fellow infantrymen 
Some dummies take this to mean we should accept anything anyone says, fuck that shit~
Do the research, read books not just bullshit from some website with no references~
This is important you accept what government and main stream tells you and be slaves~
Or you find out the truth, government are all liars, wanting to protect their own, not you~
America was compromised immediately before the 19th century began, Shay's Rebellion~
Congress backed the jew banksters and now print our money, unconstitutional, Read it~