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"An armed society is a polite society."-Robert A. Heinlein refresh

Posted by p/That_guy_ Submitted about 2 hours ago.
Remember when Chucky Schumer, also married to a man, said the Deep State can hurt you "six ways from Sunday" Millie is getting Deep State attacked right now.
Posted by p/Merle_dixon_ Submitted about 5 hours ago.
They need you right now

But to them your just a freak, like me when the chips are down these elites will eat eat each other. We are trash to them it’s time to wake up.

The general power of juries to decide on verdicts was recognised in the English Magna Carta[18] of 1215, which put into words existing practices:

Patriots, always remember "juror nullification." If you are ever empaneled within a jury and a patriot is being charged with a crime and though TECHNICALLY, in the eyes of a Marxist or leftist or brainwashed snowflake or a New World Order traitor filth or other freak, in the "eyes of written law" that patriot is guilty that patriot may actually be a hero in the eyes and minds of the Founders and the troops storming into death on D-Day or the patriot that waded into the pack of Negroes assaulting the elderly White man and using a club knocked out two of the feral beasts and sent the rest running and... well, I hope you understand.

Patriots, vote "NOT GUILTY" no matter how long a leftist traitor judge or prosecutor keeps sending the jury back until that traitor gets the GUILTY verdict he demands. Stand up to traitors. When a patriot is being screwed stick with "NOT GUILTY" until hell freezes over and the patriot is released.
On Friday The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe attended the White House Press Conference. Alicia asked President Trump about Joe Biden taking credit for the Trump Israel-UAE peace deal. We wrote about this ridiculous claim earlier today. President Trump responded in classic Trump style. Alicia Powe: Alicia Powe The Gateway Pundit, Yesterday you announced a historic…
Posted by p/MyKidsFuture Submitted about 6 hours ago.
Rats gotta RAT.
11.3 = K.C 
We were told this long ago.
Still just a crazy conspiracy theory?
Kevin Clinesmith plead guilty to a MUCH LESSER charge than he is guilty of.
Deals are made, dominoes fall.
I got my kettlecorn motherfuckers, it's sweet and salty, just like me. I am enjoying THE SHOW.
Joe Biden has something very unusual in common with Donald Trump –their children have married Jews — a family trait that seems to be a tacit requirement these days for anyone running for the highest office in American politics: Hunter Biden and his wife shared their dramatic love story — and it includes matching Hebrew […]