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"Life without liberty is like a body without spirit."-Kahlil Gibran refresh

...this military component may now also feature the deployment in Iran of North Korean weaponry and technology, in exchange for oil...


Biblical Christianity creates feminism.

I was reading some of the Anglican deist, Rupert Sheldrake, there: Ways to Go Beyond: And Why they Work (2019).

 Like Sheldrake, I kinda still believe in the preconciliar Catholic creeds… or, at any rate, I consider them to be nice soothing Latin poems. I, like Sheldrake, though, give to them a higher interpretation than a literal one.

Species that practice polygamy usually have a higher rate of sexual dimorphism than monogamous species. The males sometimes being up to six times as big and strong as the females. In monogamous species, like swans, the male is only a little bit bigger and stronger than the females.

In healthy life-affirming cultures, boys are taught to wrestle, from an early age, so as to win a harem of the society’s best women. In the morbid death-cultus of Rabbi Jesus, strict monogamy is enforced, and Rabbi Jesus telleth us, by agreeing with his disciples, that it is a bad thing for a man to touch a woman, and recommendeth castration as a remedy for this evil. Looking at a married woman with natural darwinistic desire in thy heart is “mortal sin,” a thought crime in Rabbi Jesus’ book.

The etymology of ‘eunuch’ is: ‘good bed-chamber man.’ A bollock-less man is no threat to the harem that he attends. This “eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom” is, I regret to point out, pure Christ-cuckery.

Wouldn’t you know, that in Islam, a religion warring with us and destroying white Western Civilization, polygamy and concubinage is ok. 

And in Old-Testament Judaism polygamy and concubinage… even sacred prostitution is ok.

Only in the Religion created by Jews for us white gentiles: Chrisitianity is chastity, celibacy, virginity and monogamy held to ...
Posted by p/TrumpisnotOJ Submitted about 21 hours ago.
The Red Wave

President Trump's remarks about a red wave has me really concerned and pretty much frightened for what comes after November.

Kamala Hariss once said that when she becomes President she will goa fter anyone and everyone who are against her and her Democratic party.

Conservatives are no better than the liberals. They don't value things like freedom and the Constitution either. 

Now if what he truly means is the massive amounts of arrests of the real traitors and hold them accountable for the crime of treason, that I can get behind.

But if he means the same thing as Hariss, then it is something we should all be frightened for.

But I very much hope I am wrong and that he means massive arrests of the real scumbags like the Bidens and Pelosis and leaves people like me alone.

There is a huge difference between having a difference of opinion, and not liking a person, then trying to burn loot and murder America to keep and maintain power. 

And conservativbes have been saying they value things like diversity of thought for years.

Only time will tell.

And I very well could be wrong, but somehow, in this rpesent time, I don't think so.

Dear Lord, please let me be wrong.