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"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."-Bob Marley refresh

If Hunter Biden carries himself publicly as he did in this interview, people will neither like him nor trust him—and that may spell trouble for Joe.
Posted by p/Bannmannutt Submitted 1 day ago.
The Effects of Smoking
This is a short comedic video I made about the effects of smoking.
Posted by p/Rukus verified_user Submitted about 5 hours ago.
Susan Rice, Obama's former national security advisor, would not answer PJ Media's questions about her unmasking, alleged FISA abuse, and the origins of the Russia probe.
Per the ex-veep’s FEC data, roughly one out of every 16 dollars raised by the campaign has been spent on such aviation.
While it's impossible to measure the grief of a man who loses his young wife and infant daughter in a car collision, it's both possible and necessary to take the measure of a man who spent years falsely claiming the other driver may have been drunk. During Joe Biden's 2008 run as Barack Obama's r...