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"A right delayed is a right denied."-Martin Luther King Jr. refresh

WASHINGTON—Alexandra Chalupa, a contracted opposition researcher working in 2015 and 2016 for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with ...
The Number of Democrats Showing Up at Trump Rallies Is Stunning
Evidence supports allegations that "racially derogatory language" was used toward the juvenile victims during the incident, authorities said.
Posted by p/JoeRogansRightTitty Submitted about 16 hours ago.
Bomb threat

this morning there was a note on one of the buses at my school indicating there was a bomb on the premises. The school was evacuated and police searched the building, and as far as I know there was no bomb. perpetrator is unknown.
Posted by p/NoStepOnSnek verified_user Submitted about 4 hours ago.
Epstein is alive

Epstein is under whitness protection and working with DOJ to bring down the swamp.
Posted by p/Yukon_Wally Submitted about 8 hours ago.
Facebook in a nutshell.
When all you use facebook for is shitposts and memes and people are going on about "orange man bad" or some other hardcore echo chamber political posts