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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A train engineer intentionally drove a speeding locomotive off a track at the Port of Los Angeles because he was suspicious about the presence of a

The world is not ONE  BIG FAMILY ....no no no no .....we want no Green agenda ....no Jew Boy rule ...WE WANT the constitution ....not Biblical hijacking RULE ...humbly 1 cent opinion given ...Humbly ....

Warning do not procreate  ....USELESS GOVERNMENT ....JUST Trying to say they care ....SIMPLE do what they say ...or they will KILL YOU ....er Cause They CARE ! .....about what KILLING BABIES enslaving Children and destroying families and KILLING TRUTH TELLERS 

No Jack Rabbit ! they played on ....they did not run or Hide They died entertaining the passengers, who lives were about to be  taken in order to silence "the opposition"  to the federal reserve ..."Distraction"  A OCEAN CRUISE in A SHIP  " Deception " we gonna sink the TITANIC ..Denial ...it was a ICE BURG .... 1. kill the opposition 2. get rid of a damaged Ship {swap names } 3. Collect insurance ... The Khazerian JEW MAFIA ....way always the triple play ...and a Patsy to Blame ...Wuhan not Corona not CV019 ... The Dance ..the TRACE fear Corona ..The PLAY ...MY PRAYER is trump not rule the Day win the battle ...and stop short of winning the WAR ...PRAY For DONALD J TRUMP WAR Rages until a SURRENDER and Ive said it once twice thrice ...Give no QUARTER ...the Titanic sank deep in cold water ...GOD BLESS Donald !
Japanese Deputy Vice President Aso Taro told reporters the World Health Organization should change its name to the Chinese Health Organization. Advertisement - story continues below So far 500,000 people have signed the petition for the name switch. Formosa TV News reported: Pro-Taiwan Japanese politician Aso Taro blasted the World Health Organization for bowing to…
Posted by p/Merle_dixon_ Submitted about 15 hours ago.
Resident evil 3
Resident evil 3 remake kicks ass and Jill is lookin good, I highly recommend this game