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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."-Thomas Paine refresh

The Chinese Communist Party and various Chinese government entities have long sought to influence public debate and media coverage about China outside the country. New research illustrates the ways in which CCP's media influence is extending far beyond the borders of mainland China to reach audiences around the globe, via three key tactics: global censorship, propaganda, and control over content-delivery systems. 
A radical proposal suggests Congress declare the 127 neighborhoods in Washington DC as new states in a bid to rewrite the Constitutions so every American vote counts.
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Darth Bernie
Victims such as Victoria Agoglia, 15, were subjected to 'profound abuse' and told carers and police officers in Greater Manchester about it, but no action was taken, a new report has found.
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Crystal Geyser's parent company, CG Roxane, were charged in 2018 with failing to disclose details of arsenic in wastewater transported from the bottling plant in Olancha, California.
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Where is the reset button...
Kinda sucks when you think about it... especially since it applies to everyone...
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How can you not subscribe to ALL the communities on here, except maybe Golf and Beauty and Cosmetics? Hahahaaaaa

Pray for Trump ! ...That he embraces Wisdom and Heart 

Why would I walk into a TRAP ...and say I am a pro GUN PATRIOT ...in a Country that passed a Unconstitutional "PATRIOT ACT " to eliminate all Patriots ...what is AI for two dollars JIM ....Yes DON the NWO still pushing forward and MASONIC SHEEP are being lead to Slaughter ///NATURE teaches Strategy ....CHESS proves it ....KNOW THIS ! they want a WAR ...who ISRAEL the BANKERS / So Iran passports paper the state of VIRGINIA ...TERROR CELLS in the USA ...in CONGRESS in THE SENATE in  WALL STREET ....The RAG head Terrorist = The KHAZERIAN JEW MAFIA ...IRAN does not want War with the USA Israel DOES ....NORTH KOREA does not want WAR ISRAEL does ....RUSSIA does not want WAR Israel does ....CHINA PAID for the USA ...ISRAEL SOLD US TO CHINA ....WHAT DO YOU THINK PATRIOTS ...INTERNET SPOKES PEOPLE ....ALL DEAD IN VIRGINIA ...A BOMB SHIPPED FROM CHINA PAID FOR BY ...THE KHAZERIAN JEW MAFIA ....AND A NUKE IN YELLOWSTONE 
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