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"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"-George Orwell refresh

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Merle Gorman, 83, who previously served in the United States Marine Corp, made international news after he accused Biden of selling access to the Presidency through son Hunter.
Sarsour's 'Jewish-supremacy' outburst reeks of anti-Semitism. So why is Bernie Sanders aligning with her?
Posted by p/George_Monger verified_user Submitted about 10 hours ago.
Joe Biden Proposes $1 Trillion in New Corporate Taxes - WSJ
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden proposed nearly $1 trillion in new corporate taxes as he sought to generate more revenue to pay for his policy plans on health care, climate, infrastructure and education.
Black Lives Matter activists crashed a Buttigieg event in South Bend, Indiana on Wednesday. The protesters held signs in the back of the room until one activist took the microphone and started screaming at the crowd. The BLM activist was a white dude! And there were Bernie supporters in the crowd too. What a clusterfark. …