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"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves."-Henry David Thoreau refresh

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Join us for a Presidential debate for the Libertarian Party moderated by Matt Welch of Reason Magazine. The participating candidates will be Justin...
Ric Grenell Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on Friday announced major changes to election security briefings. Grenell announced the US Intel Community (IC) will lead all intelligence-based threat briefings to candidates, campaigns, and political organizations. The FBI was frozen out. This is huge. The FBI cannot be trusted after what they did to…
The Chinese Communist Regime is furious after US lawmakers brought lawsuits against the regime for the destruction of the coronavirus on US lives and economy. The regime is considering punitive countermeasures against US lawmakers and US firms behind the coronavirus lawsuits. The regime is also threatening to retaliate against lawmakers and their home states. China…
President Donald Trump is fighting to re-open the American economy amid unprecedented pressure from Democrats and the mainstream media. Trump’s