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Posted by p/Bob Submitted about 5 hours ago.
VA SB240 Red Flag law

Looking at the legislation that passed the committee it appears there were enough people who haven't sold their souls to Bloomberg's almighty dollar to shoot down the outright gun bans that they were reviewing. Even most of the gun sales laws that passed through had enough exemptions so that they wouldn't greatly impact the sale of firearms and don't require people to sign up on a future confiscation registry. 

But one bill, SB240, passed through and has some major issues. It basicaly would allow a cop to invade someone's home, confiscate their property, and violate their rights for 180 days by simply signing something saying that in the cop's unqualified opinion they would diagnose that person as having a mental illness leading them to be a threat to themself or others, then have a gun-hating judge approve it. The bill does not require a professional diagnosis from a qualified mental health professional. The bill does not require the individual to have been found guilty of or even arrested for any crime, it assumes guilt based only on the cop's opinion without first giving the innocent person a day in court. And the bill provides no restitution for any property that is lost/damaged/destroyed/or for any other reason not returned in working condition after the person is later forced to prove their own innocence. This bill if passed will be abused to confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens and destroy them before they would be returned. This is the bill that they would use to enforce confiscations if they succeed in creating a gun confiscation registry.

Even if the bill is not abused and is actually only enforced in cases where a person posed a genuine threat to themself or others with the property being returned in the same condition as when it was taken, it still wouldn't accomplish the goal of public safety being peddled as justification for the red flag law. There is not evidence to show these laws would improve public safety or ...
Prince William County supervisors pulled support of more firearm laws after residents flooded their board meeting with opposition to gun control.
Posted by p/George_Monger verified_user Submitted about 6 hours ago.
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