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"This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself."-Robert G. Ingersoll refresh

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One of the main criticisms by conservatives of Joe Biden over the last 12 months is that he has too many questionable ties to China. Some have even suggested that Biden is even compromised by his ties to China, and can’t fairly represent the United States. Beijing Joe has trouble.
Posted by p/That_guy_ Submitted about 15 hours ago.
Food for thought.
If the FrankenFlu doesn't get ya, the FrankenStab will.
Stacey Abrams' voter registration group, The New Georgia Project, is one of three such organizations now under investigation by the Georgia Secretary of State. These black politicians should all wear tee shirts that say, "FRAUD THE VOTE".
Stanford professor David Palumbo-Liu, a co-founder of the “Campus Antifascist Network” in 2017, will help lead the university’s “Committee on Campus Climate, Community, and Speech.” Jeeezuz, does NO ONE at that university have a lick of patriotism any more??
Posted by p/A_Barbarian_Horde Submitted about 17 hours ago.
I'm From Massachusetts

I'm from Worcester, specifically
I grew up going to the cape to look at the bay where Americans first told the British to go fuck themselves
I sat on the rock where the first settlers landed
I was told that this land was built by people who were fed up with being controlled
I was raised by a man who defied reason in favor of honor

I don't give a single fuck what any anti-American says.
I don't listen to Jews or blacks or hispanics who talk about the injustices of this nation.
I am the son of a 3rd generation immigrant and I will not hear defeatism.

My ancestors took no part in the slave trade.
My ancestors worked until they died.
My ancestors helped build this country at the turn of the century.

My Ancestors were Swedish... Until they became AMERICANS.

I have no time for insurgents but to take aim. I have no tolerance for socialists but to wait for them to appear. I have no love for communists but for the thought of killing them. I have no patience but to prepare to strike.

Any time, anywhere, any day. I will stand alongside my American brethren, and I will kill you. I will kill anyone who threatens our way of life. I will take on the despicable task that awaits me, that echoes of the past of this country and I will not rest until it is done. I am from Massachusetts. You have been warned.