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Interestingly, this call for pre-boarding check-in using “electronic travel authorization platforms” coincides with the recent announcement of the Covi-Pass
Sorry, Nancy Pelosi. It’s official. Planned Parenthood is NOT eligible for COVID-19 stimulus funds. President Trump has blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving funds from the Payment Protection Program (PPP) that was part of the last coronavirus stimulus bill. Throughout the crisis, Pelosi has been accused of using the emergency to pass partisan politics. She attempted...
Over the weekend video from Lake of the Ozarks in southern Missouri went viral of a mass pool party. The kids were having fun. Obviously, they are not concerned about the coronavirus at this popular tourist destination. Scene from Lake of Ozarks. To hell with Social distancing #COVIDIOT pic.twitter.com/qku48j6TxK — Karn (@01Karn) May 24, 2020…
Democratic strongholds, like New York City, have seen more than five times as many coronavirus cases as counties that Trump won by at least 50 points.  Sources: New York Times database