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Just got out of a class. We spent some of the time talking about a "Chinese American" who got stabbed. Make a long story short:

1. It was right after the 2016 Election and Trump had just won.
2. Dude is getting groceries when he gets stabbed in the neck.
3. He's bleeding out on the floor until he gets better in the hospital (somehow. The prof didn't explain. Guessing someone called the ambulance).
4. He IMMEDIATELY assumes that he was attacked because he was Chinese and it was caused by Trump. Didn't bother to look into the race, political affiliation, or anything of the attacker. Just assumed it was a crazy Trump Supporter.
5. He makes a play where the same thing happens to his character, and it's literally a dream world where China has become a Global Superpower and shits on America in a play form. The main character is LITERALLY called Hillary Clinton.

The entire time I'm just thinking, "Wonder how this dumbass is feeling now considering China's economy is set crash thanks to Corona?"

As an aside: Almost immediately, the next thing we talked about was a Chinese Play that was considered a Cornerstone of their Culture. Specifically, a 2019 Version that led to a bunch of people walking out due to how it "insulted the original play".

Why is that important to the post?

Well, we basically talked about how the play making fun of America was a "brave, stunning, and eye opening" play. Spent like two minutes talking about it.

The play that deconstructed the Chinese play? Hardly a minute spent talking about it, made it seem like the people were right for walking out on it, then pushed to the wayside. 
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