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Posted by p/Miss_DVA Submitted 23 days ago.
PA State Militia - Buckhorns | Facebook
PA State Militia - Buckhorns. 2.6K likes. Up holding our Consitution and Bill Of Rights. Through our Second Amendment right and duty in defending our family, friends, and selves from a tyrannical...
Posted by p/NoStepOnSnek verified_user Submitted 24 days ago.
Calling it: Clinton has Kuru

I believe Hillary Clinton has prions disease aka Kuru. That's why she has been fainting and being thrown into the side of van like a piece of meat.

She and all the fucking pedophiles on Epstein's Island have been breeding children for the purpose of sacrificing them to a false god. They were drinking their blood for the Adrenochromes and eating their body parts as part of some satanic ritual and spirit cooking.

In the process of consuming the "missing children" probably, from Haiti's orphanage, they were affected by Kuru, which is not a virus or bacteria, but rather a protein that causes other proteins in the brain to fold abnormally, causing a chain reaction in the nervous system.

It was just released that Epstein's was researching a cure for Kuru.

What is kuru?

Kuru is a rare and fatal nervous system disease. Its highest prevalence occurred during the 1950s and 1960s among the Fore people in the highlands of New Guinea. The Fore people contracted the disease by performing cannibalism on corpses during funeral rituals.

The name kuru means “to shiver” or “trembling in fear.” The symptoms of the disease include muscle twitching and loss of coordination. Other symptoms include difficulty walking, involuntary movements, behavioral and mood changes, dementia, and difficulty eating. The latter can cause malnutrition. Kuru has no known cure. It’s usually fatal within one year of contraction.

The identification and study of kuru helped along scientific research in a number of ways. It was the first neurodegenerative disease resulting from an infectious agent. It led to the creation of a new class of diseases including Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease, and fatal familial insomnia. Today the study of kuru still impacts research on neurodegenerative ...