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Posted by p/MyKidsFuture Submitted about 16 hours ago.
I know this doesn't belong here but fuck it.
My boy wants it on, it goes on. At least I'm not that spamposting shitmonger.

Let me get this straight? Discarded ammonium nitrate sat in a warehouse for 6 years and then goes boom.  lol   Thats pretty fucking funny considering that that compound is extremely hygroscopic and absorbs water from the atmosphere over time, turning it into benign ammonium carbonate and minor amounts of other compounds...Maximum storage time even under ideal conditions while still maintaining the requisite +35% concentration or so, 2 years max fucking tops!

What really happened...

Lebanon weapons cache somewhere in the Beirut sea port was (((targeted))). Lebanon doesnt want to admit it had them obviously. Yinon plan for greater israel is about to move closer to reality by knocking out one of the last holdouts...