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"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"-George Orwell refresh

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George Nader, a convicted pedophile that special counsel Robert Mueller used in his Russia investigation, was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly concealing millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “The Justice Department refers only to an unidentified 2016 presidential candidate, but campaign finance records make clear that the candidate […]
WESTHOFFEN, France — The French government is creating a national anti-hate crime office following a wave of anti-Semitic incidents in eastern France.
Former House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy rebutted former FBI attorney Lisa Page Monday night after Page broker silence in an interview with The Daily Beast.
Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., reportedly took on his party's leadership in a new interview, criticizing their decision to have a "small, elite group" of lawmakers pursue an impeachment inquiry just before the 2020 election.
Democrats are in a hurry. House Intelligence Committee Democrats are supposed to have their impeachment report finished by Monday morning. Then a vote by the committee is scheduled to happen on Tuesday. This gives members only 24
A Proof has recently appeared that cash attached to Hillary Clinton and George Soros was utilized to pay ladies to make-up false claims that President Trump sexually attacked them, as per a report in the New York Times. Writing for TheHill, analytical columnist John Solomon, uncovers that payouts were made by lawyer Lisa Bloom to …