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"People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take."-Emma Goldman refresh

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A report found a scheme that gave doctors money for recommending long-term contraceptives like the implant, IUDs and the injection decreased abortions - but what about women?
Twenty-five years later, prompted by a greedy lawyer, this event became, in the females mind, a brutal assault and rape and she demands the severest criminal penalties against the male with a civil lawsuit to follow with the female seeking as much of the male’s present and future wealth possible with the lawyer getting one-third of the scam’s greedy grab. And the mainstream elite-owned media did all it could to support the greedy demented dame’s efforts spreading #MeToo across the USA.

Last year I was told I'd need 3 years on a BOE "Equity committee" before I could receive any exposure by the Republican Party in the state of Maryland.
I have 30 years worth of grass-roots accomplishments within Maryland, beginning way back in the 90s with the establishment of our state's first fenced, city-maintained, dog park.
I'm *so* irritated by our permitted political "choices" in super-majority-democrat, Maryland.
Promoting liberals/feminists will always lead to this:
[Example from Texas]
A US mother, (who is an M.D.--let that sink in!) wants to castrate her 8yo son to suppress his “toxic masculinity”, & the judge who deemed this to be legal, and demands the father pay for the castration fees is once again, a woman--
The country of Sweden, rape capital of the planet, gives us a *perfect* example of just what happens when this liberal-communist craziness/chaos takes full governmental control.