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"This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself."-Robert G. Ingersoll refresh

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It's been a few months since I've been stuck in my house without much to do because Brazil is completely fucked due to Corona so i decided to start reading again and after getting through my old mythology, History and biology books i decided to torture myself and go through the entire bible, I didn't have the patience to finish it sadly but i noticed something rather peculiar within several verses contained in the "Holy book", Several sermons and verses which straight up speak that the Jews are "God's" chosen and of course multiple verses telling the old age lie about the Jewish rats being enslaved by the Egyptians, Now i know that there are many avid Christians who are going to hate me for saying this but if you think i'm lying grab a bible or even make a quick search to see what i speak about, I'm not a religious man even though i have a great liking for the traditions of our European ancestors which most smear by calling them "Paganism", My goal is to make people question what they're told and to go deeper into the rabbit hole, For instance why would a religion that is supposedly "European" just so happen to shill so hard for the Jewish rats even though historically speaking they've caused so much blight and chaos to our people? Why would the "Sacred book" of Christians treat another race as a superior?