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If Hunter Biden carries himself publicly as he did in this interview, people will neither like him nor trust him—and that may spell trouble for Joe.
While it's impossible to measure the grief of a man who loses his young wife and infant daughter in a car collision, it's both possible and necessary to take the measure of a man who spent years falsely claiming the other driver may have been drunk. During Joe Biden's 2008 run as Barack Obama's r...
Joe and Hunter Biden are contradicting each other about how much the former vice president knew about his son's business ties to Ukraine.
The Census Bureau released the 2018 Income and Poverty in the United States report. The news is good. Between 2017 and 2018: · Real median family income up 1.2% · Real...
Posted by p/Shitpost_BRhu3 Submitted 5 days ago.
Hong Kong protests
Hey guys
So, with all this thing happening in HK, I saw a thread talking about using Mickey Mouse as a new symbol for it, rather than Pepe. I think it is a great idea!! Let's start a campaign called #spread_the_plague, in allusion to the black plague and it being transmited by mice.
If you all agree with me, please spread, share and make memes with it. Let's do it /pol, we can do it.