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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh

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Far-left demonstrators appeared at Mitch McConnell's home in Louisville on Monday night and protested the 77-year-old who is recovering from a broken shoulder after he fell. A short clip of the protesters was posted to Twitter by Ben Goldey, a life-long Kentuckian.
After internal challenges with discrimination, the Southern Poverty Law Center can't call itself an arbiter of justice.
Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh delivers a glowing review for National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy's new book about Russiagate, Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency. "He was on the case the entire two and a half years of the Trump-Russia collusion story up to and including the Mueller investigation. He has been working tirelessly on this and the book is available today," Limbaugh said of McCarthy's book. The title "should give you a pretty good indication of what this book is about. This book is replete with evidence. Replete with some of the most incredible expert opinions and insight into what this attempt to overthrow a presidency and the results of an election was -- how it began, how it was conducted, who did it, and how, who has been exposed." "The thing about this book," Limbaugh said. "This book is written in an almost conversational, very rational way, and it explains why the collusion charge, why this whole notion of collusion was B.S. from the start." "There are a lot of books out there that were written during -- like Gregg Jarrett's book. His contention was that all of this began with the need to exonerate Hillary Clinton... they had to clear her from any crimes she committed, and she had committed crimes... What McCarthy's book does is start with the beginning of how this started and explains that the entire premise of it was concocted and was B.S. It could not have been substantive ever. This was one of the biggest hoaxes spring on the American people in our lifetime and maybe beyond." "It's calm, it is not filled with histrionics, or simply partisanship as a reason, this is a calm, cool legal dissection of this entire effort," he continued. "If you want to become conversant in every aspect of this hoax that matters, if you want to be the one in your family that has the answers to any question about this, than this book is a must. Not only that, it is fun to read it... It blows this thing to ... (continued)