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'An Archive. Proof of Institutional, Systematic Racism. Throughout History, and in Today's Society. In America and Abroad.' https://www.whytheracecardisplayed.com/
After Gateway Pundit’s last article on farm murders in South Africa, many readers asked how they can help. We spoke to Bertus Schwann, who has been working to help the local Boer population since 2020, which is actively being discriminated against. Guest post by Collin McMahon On Friday-Saturday, Sept. 18-19, the annual expansion of the…
The California Department of Corrections’ (CDC) unwritten policy of racially segregating prisoners in double cells for up to 60 days each time they enter a new correctional facility is based on the asserted rationale that it prevents violence caused by racial gangs. Petitioner Johnson, an African-American inmate who has been intermittently double-celled under the policy’s terms ever since his 1987 incarceration, filed this suit alleging that the policy violates his Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection. The District Court ultimately granted defendant former CDC officials summary judgment on grounds that they were entitled to qualified immunity. The Ninth Circuit affirmed, holding that the policy’s constitutionality should be reviewed under the deferential standard articulated in Turner v. Safley, 482 U. S. 78, not under strict scrutiny, and that the policy survived Turner scrutiny.