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"Our natural, inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation from government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment."-Ronald Reagan refresh

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She's 26 years old & works in the health industry in Arlington, VA.  She's white, petite, shoulder-length brown hair.  I can't remember her eye color.  A very good-looking gal.  Without any prompting from me, she happened to mention she was planning on watching the V.P. Debates on TV tonight.  I asked her what state she lived in.  She said, "Arlington Co, VA."  We got into a 90 min conversation about politics in Northern, VA (which is full of white liberals & foreigners) and she's ultra-conservative politically.  Her dad was a cop, but is deceased now.  She has such a great sense of humor, & is so sweet.  She has very 'alt-right' values.  My oldest son is too young, & immature for her.
On her own, she starting taking notes on her phone, when I was telling her who & what needs political support (+ why) in No. VA right now.  The last thing I said to her, before she had to move to the next patient was, "You *need* to get married, & have kids."
She seemed surprised to hear to that piece of advice.  I pretty certain she's single.  I'll find out for sure.