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"This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself."-Robert G. Ingersoll refresh


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Joined 7 months ago.
Former Butcher, current shitposter.
Kekistani Marine.
Heartless Motherfucker, Commie Cucker.
Headed for the Big Igloo in the sky.
Elbows on the table like a fucking savage.

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Posted by p/A_Barbarian_Horde Submitted 34 minutes ago.
Getting There
30$ Red Dot - 30 rounds - 100 yards
She loves the Green Tips, the 55 grain groups are 2x bigger
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p/T0000009 's post assignment from 1 day ago.
White Supremacy is everywhere you look

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p/sushipal 's post assignment from 2 days ago.
The World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Finally Being Built - Tyler Durden

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p/Boaby_s_Mullet 's post assignment from 2 days ago.
Unspeakable Horror