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"Life without liberty is like a body without spirit."-Kahlil Gibran refresh


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Joined 10 months ago.
Former Butcher, current shitposter.
Kekistani Marine.
Heartless Motherfucker, Commie Cucker.
Headed for the Big Igloo in the sky.
Elbows on the table like a fucking savage.

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Happened Seconds after I said it MANUALLY BANNED
Permabanned for stating facts, under appeal now with screenshots of studies
Make your bets which part it was got the admins triggered
10 bucks says it was either Jews or Blacks but not Whites or Asians post below
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p/JustLetMeTreadBigot 's post assignment from about 19 hours ago.
Hunter Biden's Texts were not Redacted Properly and Align with "Natalie" ...

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p/Almostworsethan 's comment chat from about 22 hours ago.
What cuckoldry is this?