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"Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties."-John Milton refresh


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Bio: Some people sometimes talk out they ass like it was closer to they brains, but that's a whole different story completely, but when you consider the state of this fucking Nation you have to realize these morons have been propagandized into that frame of mind and they IQ is so low it's incapable of gettin WOKE no matter what's said or read or heard or felt~ And there's the rub, they think the whole fucking world evolves around they fucking feelings as if the whole world was conspiring to fuck they shit up~ We call that the Narcissistic faggot mind when and where I come from~ But you don't have to take my word for it, but what if you could say the same thing about the same folks when and where you come from, do it make it any easier to consider yourself enlightened or do you agree that's just more liberal bullshit concepts being used way too often in so many similar and other ways? So if you're not here to fuck with people then why the fuck are you here?

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This has been around for more than 20 years, they created a church so people could buy this "sacrament" without FDA fucking the guy who created this Great Cure all~ I have 4 kits three in a box unopened for my family just in case they need it, it is used one drop at a time, three bottles and you add the first drop from one bottle then the second drop from the activator then mix the drops in a dry cup, I use a 4 once shot glass, when you smell the chloride and its mixed enough you add about 4 ounces of good water, I only drink distilled water so I use this, then add the drop from the third bottle swirl around and drink~ But for something like the Virus you should follow the direction on the pamphlet they'll send with the kit, of if you have cancer or Diabetes you would follow directions~ I use it for arthritis, to keep my joints lubed~
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p/sushipal 's comment chat from about 22 hours ago.
Viewing suggestion:  Europa - The Last Battle

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p/sushipal 's post assignment from about 22 hours ago.

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YOUTUBE NAZI MYTHS DESTROYED (EP 15 Gays weren't gassed and Hitler wasn't ...

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p/sushipal 's post assignment from 2 days ago.
Israel confirms first coronavirus case as cruise ship returnee diagnosed - TOI

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Report: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Has Employees Blow-Dry His Sweaty ...

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Google AI Won’t Label People ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’ to ‘Avoid Bias’ - Lucas Nolan ...

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Thank you for your kind words.  These guys are good in some...

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Transitional Surgery of a Child?

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I would advise living away from them/keeping them away from you, for...