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"How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"-Thomas Jeffersons refresh


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Bio: I make memes ....I like humor, free speech and babes ( well not here).... I post a lot of articles too, for those who can still read. TROLLS are never welcomed. If you like that bullying crap............ go to Reddit or some other fag-filled-lib-site. Me? I'll just BLOCK your sorry ass and yes.......you CAN block here. I invented it here....kinda....ha ha chuckle. I don't post a lot....you just don't post enough. Don't blame me that this site is so tiny. I am trying to make it bigger. Rather than troll me, why not use your time to: -post things yourself. -tell others about this worthy site ? Thanx to all.

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 Riots- if the duly re-elected President wins

Revolution - if they try to install that brain dead pedophile puppet in and steal the election

this is not going to be any better than 2020 y'all 
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Dominion Voting Systems is in a panic as more and more Americans learn of their role in stealing the 2020 election from President Donald Trump. The Dominion webpage now includes a full page rebuttal to defend the company’s name. One statement that stands out is their bogus claim that “deletion/switching assertions are completely false.” Of…
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