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"The constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."-Alexander Hamilton refresh


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Bio: Banned from Twitter with no explanation whatsoever.

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p/tin_whiskers 's comment chat from 17 days ago.
Besides thugs being thugs, what's the story here?  

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p/Gottke__V_Der_Linden 's comment chat from 20 days ago.
How do you do fellow N kins 

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p/AmericanManCan 's comment chat from 21 days ago.
Not even if I had a lobotomy would you catch me feeling the bern~

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p/AmericanManCan 's comment chat from 22 days ago.
And I'm gonna keep it~

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p/AmericanManCan 's comment chat from 24 days ago.
Why post photos of fucking niggers, do you have a crush on her...

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p/Lexs_World 's comment chat from 29 days ago.

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p/RAKK_RECON 's comment chat from about 1 month ago.
p/Buck_Groyper chat replied about 1 month ago.
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