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"An armed society is a polite society."-Robert A. Heinlein refresh


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Bio: The greatest podcast you will ever hear. News, opinion, entertainment, and inspiration, all wrapped up in a 3-hour block! Every Sunday nights at 6 PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, at counterculturewise.com!

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Posted by p/CounterCultureWISE_Radio Submitted 15 days ago.

Tune in to CounterCultureWISE Radio tonight at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern!
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Posted by p/CounterCultureWISE_Radio Submitted about 1 month ago.
Tonight's Episode!

Tonight's episode...Thou Shalt Not COVID Thy Neighbor! 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern at http://www.counterculturewise.com!

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p/Taleisin 's post assignment from about 2 months ago.

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