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"People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take."-Emma Goldman refresh


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Bio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6odsBWymKJFGYKnl4RoDdw?view_as=subscriber I normally don't do bio's much at all. I tend to mostly play video games, watch videos, and run a small gaming youtube channel. As for political beliefs, I tried to mind my own business most of my life about it just like most people, but the left just keeps going farther and farther. The irreparable damage they have done to society would have been something completely unthinkable to the generations past, and yet they did it all just for the sake of getting a fictional Willy Wonka ticket. They know very well how bad their candidates are, they know how ridiculous they are being, they know they voted for garbage human beings, but because they all have free shit desiese, they let themselves follow the line, where only further death and destruction will lie in wait, but because none of them can be honest with themselves they blame trump on why the sky is blue. I remember a time as a child, when I saw high school bearing just around the corner, thinking about the shitshow of what popularity does to people. Thinking to myself why would humanity even bear the thought of going that low. Well, I'm 21 now, and well past the high school where I expected all the reasonable times would be back then, and the vast majority of sain individuals I regretfully I have to say I only met online. Where all the big scary child predators liked to hang out, but now they suddenly want you to just mindlessly throw all your information out there for everyone to see. For a time I even got caught up in all that contradictory bullshit before I remembered again, because everyone in the school was forced to take that class again about how to be safe online that was mandatory. Personally I'm kinda glad that happened, but just a year after that they stopped having that class anymore, and started parroting the "you should share everything online" again nonsense. Forget about all those crazy child sex traffickers we tried to warn you about before. Nothing has changed, hell I even rushed my ass to get out of high school as fast as humanly possible, and it feels like nothing has changed. I still remember the first assignment that made me drop out of college that was based on a woman advocating for the drugging of children with estrogen over old highway statistics. It has remained the same popularity contest crap the only difference is there is a small group using it to play people like a fiddle to whistle their tune with a completely false projection of being the majority, using tricks and equipment paid for by the working class of this country, because the people upstairs don't want to earn their way through life, and they most certainly don't want to use their own money to bankroll their own nonsense. What pissed me off the most is how my own mother goes off about trump 24/7 yet she won't recognize the fact when she voted for Hillary Clinton. She not only voted a complete monster of a human being over her trump vendetta. She doesn't have the awareness to realize that if they all voted for jill stein someone they all viewed as a better candidate deep down they would have won the presidency and I still would have had just a little bit of respect left for them, because at least then they stuck to any moral value they claimed to have had. I voted for Garry Johnson in the 2016 election and after seeing all the nonsense the left put that man through to the point where he said he will never run again. I will be voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

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