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"Guns are our friends because in a country without guns, I'm what's known as 'prey.' All females are."-Ann Coulter refresh


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Joined 10 months ago.
Bio: https://worldtruthvideos.org/@DanTheOracle https://d.tube/#!/c/dantheoracle2020 https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/DanTheOracle https://bittube.tv/profile/DanTheOracle https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@DanTheOracle:d https://brandnewtube.com/@DanTheOracle https://www.unsilencedvoice.com/p/DanTheOracle https://gab.com/DanTheOracle https://discord.gg/X4PCV2r

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p/Taleisin 's comment chat from 3 months ago.
Sorry Dude. I've been Taleisin for 15 years or more but not on torrent...

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p/Taleisin 's post assignment from 3 months ago.

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p/SimonLegree73 's comment chat from 3 months ago.
The Ayyy Deee Ellll has been hard at work. I got my Minds channel...

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p/sushipal 's comment chat from 3 months ago.
ps:  I like the way BrandNewTube forces a person to choose M or F...

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Next Episode ??? PREVIOUS EPISODES ep36 the takeover of America https://www.bitchute.com/video/wKdI8umHJ4ag/ ep35 some girlie things https://www.bitchute.com/video/IDuxcXWSHYEW/ ep34 de-escalation https://www.bitchute.co
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 original description
[Censorship confirmed by BitChute staff ]
Was only a matter of time folks.
My channel has now been censored in most European country's because of ''Illegal content''
This means that if you're located in Europe, and not using a VPN, you won't see my video's in the feed for new video's. BitChute removes them from the feed. So yeah, shadow-banned and censored.
Guess uploading video's on BitChute exposing White Genocide is now illegal.
Censored channels:
White Power