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"Guns are our friends because in a country without guns, I'm what's known as 'prey.' All females are."-Ann Coulter refresh


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Bio: Empirial with a E Wanna Learn About The Empire? : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/0qtxxc9vmjysw/The_Empire_File Website: https://theofficialempirewebsite.000webhostapp.com posting here cause 4chan is gay

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Posted by p/Empirial_1 Submitted 11 days ago.
We Will Destroy You
Degenerates, Communists, anyone who stands in our way 
will die in the fire's they created come Hell of highwater
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p/NotSimonShrimp 's post assignment from 11 days ago.
Anyone else on UV into ham radio?

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p/Fleisch_Und_Leber 's post assignment from 18 days ago.
E Pluribus Unum