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"Give me liberty, or give me death!"-Patrick Henry refresh


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p/T0000009 's post assignment from 5 months ago.
Being a white male means you get passed over for the best jobs- even when ...

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p/Almostworsethan 's comment chat from 5 months ago.
China doesn't need a reason. Tienanmen Square is proof of that.

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My personal speculation on why the virus was released, the Chinese government was being protested against heavy. So the Chinese government releases the corona virus to cease control of it citizens and quell the protests that were happening for over a year before the virus was released. Now the Chinese government can stop the protests because safety reasons and fears of spreading the virus. I came to this conclusion because the fact still remains that the virus is only really effecting Chinese people, I haven't heard of the nationalities of the people being infected other than people of Asian descent.... If this turns out to be true then just remember I didn't commit suicide!
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p/RAKK_RECON 's post assignment from 5 months ago.