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"A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever"-John Adams refresh


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Bio: Doujin Illustrator On sale December Pro-1st Amendment Supports mixed economy Anti-copyright Pro-pirate party Doujin Circle: Kurohina Koubou Vkontakte: Yukine Kurokawa

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Posted by p/Kurohina_ Submitted 8 days ago.
Zuckroach needs a friend
So I made Jackroach for him. Wish they can get along together as sex partners uwu

They'll come for your device to feast your data. So be aware and call your pest-control expert to deal with those scums.
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Posted by p/Kurohina_ Submitted 8 days ago.
It might be hiding inside your device to feast your data. Call your nearest pest-control Gestapo if you see it.
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p/sushipal 's post assignment from 29 days ago.
Gun Control

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p/A_Barbarian_Horde 's comment chat from about 1 month ago.
Just like the simulations.

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After this chaos, would Murica suffer total collapse, become postwar Britain-alike or would they face the splitting of the states for first time? 
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Wonder if PLA would actually invene when it happens. If it does, there comes Red Dawn season 2
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Posted by p/Kurohina_ Submitted about 1 month ago.

Seriously, I'm fucking sick of those lefties and virtue signallers posting #blackouttuesday and cheering them as "peaceful protest". It's pretty exciting to see how will they come up when those looters go for them xd
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Maybe I should've added globalists as well. Good luck to all survivors