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"This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself."-Robert G. Ingersoll refresh


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Bio: Former marine infantrymen, current thought criminal

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Posted by p/Merle_dixon_ Submitted 23 minutes ago.

If your principles dictate independence than war is the only way, it has come to that.
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p/Bbride_of_George_Monger 's comment chat from about 1 hour ago.
yes and no....i CAN cook myself....but i would rather have her fuck me...

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A army should be raised, a man of means could make this happen turning militias into a continental army to retake this fine land and save our souls. I wish I was a man of means but I’m just a infantrymen or I would do it myself. 
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p/TexasVet 's post assignment from about 5 hours ago.
Black People Suck [1 min]

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p/Bbride_of_George_Monger 's post assignment from about 2 hours ago.

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p/That_guy_ 's post assignment from about 2 hours ago.
This is divide and conquer. I wouldn't worry about a SOYBOY BOYCOTT of Wendy's.