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"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."-Thomas Paine refresh


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Information regarding cremation is now better to find-both online and at funeral homes. This minuscule guide about corona cremation should offer an overview of…
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Abortion is Murder ...at conception  all Human DNA is present and alive ...knowledge is not Pride Truth is not pride ....HUMBLE under GOD when the world is a LIE is not PRIDE ....Fighting SATANIC AGENDAS ...is not Pride ....EXPOSING Pedophiles Child Traffickers and Satanic Killing is not Pride ...it is a HUMAN obligation ...
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Posted by p/Nobody_nowhere Submitted about 7 hours ago.
its a SICK friggining world

Hollywood would Kill a actor on Set ...to empower a films Viewer base and Claim the plot ...this world needs Truth GOD and HUMAN give a shit STATUS 
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The Game is as SUCH .....Trump has 80% of the population ....The KHAZERIAN JEW MAFIA is a dead stick ...They will Try everything ...WORLD HEALTH Ponzi play CORONA VIRUS ...bullshit They will Attack there own ISRAEL ...and Kill people ....like China did to Protesters ...they will feed two sides of a war to infer they are defending themselves ...this is TIED to the BANKRUPTCY which could be wiped clean of THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA corporate UNCONSTITUTIONAL USA ....MILITARY should end the TREASON here at home and Cut MOSSAD down to the Bone and send them home ...anyone have a Phone ...do you think Hillary is a CLONE ,,,,What is a ROGER STONE .....a fake thrown BONE ....poet nah ~ er whats that I hear a drone ....above my home ...
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