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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh


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Nobody_nowhere WILLIAM_BADASS
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The general power of juries to decide on verdicts was recognised in the English Magna Carta[18] of 1215, which put into words existing practices:

Patriots, always remember "juror nullification." If you are ever empaneled within a jury and a patriot is being charged with a crime and though TECHNICALLY, in the eyes of a Marxist or leftist or brainwashed snowflake or a New World Order traitor filth or other freak, in the "eyes of written law" that patriot is guilty that patriot may actually be a hero in the eyes and minds of the Founders and the troops storming into death on D-Day or the patriot that waded into the pack of Negroes assaulting the elderly White man and using a club knocked out two of the feral beasts and sent the rest running and... well, I hope you understand.

Patriots, vote "NOT GUILTY" no matter how long a leftist traitor judge or prosecutor keeps sending the jury back until that traitor gets the GUILTY verdict he demands. Stand up to traitors. When a patriot is being screwed stick with "NOT GUILTY" until hell freezes over and the patriot is released.
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Obbop,venting big time.

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Obey your corporate masters, peons. Many elected officials obey the corporate overlords. That is how they legally acquire great wealth after leaving office or position. Monolithic corporations have more wealth than many countries. The unholy alliances between big business and big government is leading to tyranny and a New World Order where an elite-class becomes our ruling overlords. 
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