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"A right delayed is a right denied."-Martin Luther King Jr. refresh


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Bio: I'm a classic #walkaway. Stuck in the Antifa capital of the USA.

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If you’re on the left, you believe that the traditional idea that humans come in two sexes (male and female) is not only outdated but evil. Instead, leftism insists that human sex identification is an infinitely malleable matter of personal cho...
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This guy is just plain weird.  Gabriel Sterling somehow wormed his way into the election process in Georgia and as colossal corruption is being uncovered, he claims it’s normal. Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out to Gabriel Sterling and asked if he indeed had a state of Georgia email address: Hey, @GabrielSterling, you don’t have State…
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Stopping Socialism is a project devoted to informing the world about the dangers, including the moral dangers, associated with socialism, communism, and other forms of collectivism.
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Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominees are coming fast and furious, and his pick for Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, has a rather radical economic agenda in mind. In her first public remarks since being named by Biden as
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On Tuesday, General Mike Flynn retweeted a petition, directed to President Donald J. Trump, for a national federal revote of the 2020 Presidential election, that had been addressed earlier in the day by Attorney Lin Wood, and which started discussions among different groups over the Presidential ...
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????????: If Kamala and I Disagree, ‘I’ll Develop Some Disease and Resign’Joe Biden confused millions of viewers during his first joint...
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Don’t let the baby face fool you; Trump campaign attorney Jay Binnal is a badass. On November 19, Binnall tweeted directly at the team of RINOs at The Lincoln Project; a PAC made up of unethical never-Trumpers who still can’t get over Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. Binnall called out the Lincoln Project crybabies […]
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