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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh


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franny23dmt Fren
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p/YourPerspectiveSucks 's comment chat from 11 months ago.
Seedleyh -  YOUR PERSPECTIVE SUCKS, because you are writing from the...

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p/Bean 's comment chat from 11 months ago.
Hitler didn't die for this, smh.

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p/DarthTywin 's post assignment from 11 months ago.
Homeschool my kid(s)?
p/Seedleyh chat replied 11 months ago.
I was so angry, I was so furious at the comment YourPerspectiveSucks made, that I made an account just to refute their utter fucking moronicism.

Please do not alter how you treat your child based from a pool of "6 kids" that "didn't turn out well"...

Homeschool is THEE WAY TO GO! Public/state schools are absolute indoctrination fests, any parent that sends their child there is absolutely neglectful and abusive.
Do you want your children to be wage slaves for the remainder of their life? Public/state school is an indoctrination facility where uncaring, unkind, selfish, immoral parents dump
their children whilst they go off and work for valueless money.

I'm so sorry that money has not yet been abolished, but whilst we are working on that, we can still do many MANY things to better our lives and make our children's life safer and happier.

Think about where you live, do you want your child interacting with dangerous, disgusting, evil, violent, 40~80iq retards? They will KILL YOUR CHILD, THEY WILL BLIND YOUR CHILD, THEY WILL THROW PAINT TINS, IN YOUR CHILD'S EYES.

PUBLIC/STATE SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN OVERRUN BY DANGEROUS RETARDS...  If you have any logic at all, keep your child safe and with you at all times.

If this post is downvoted, It's probably you-know-who trying to push you-know-what.          I love you and thank you for reading!

8 year olds have more qualifications than 16 year olds, because their parents homeschool and private tutor their kids, then pay a centre to have their kids take the examination.
Please listen to me because I love you - do not waste your children's life! and be sure to teach them the dangers of this world!

Thank you, be logical, be emotional, be safe.

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