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"A right delayed is a right denied."-Martin Luther King Jr. refresh


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Joined 5 months ago.
Bio: Hispano-Amerimutt Propagandist who strives to live his life in a Fascist manner. Art, Fitness , Nature and Order. Enjoys a spooky story from time to time as well as strange lore and abnormalities in real life systems.

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Posted by p/StealthySteve Submitted 4 months ago.
Vigilante Justice
Ballpoint Papermate Pen on paper. This is a current work in progress. Stay tuned . . 
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p/Neo 's comment chat from 4 months ago.
You realise that racial distribution changes regarding which borrow of...

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Posted by p/StealthySteve Submitted 4 months ago.
Pineapple DeathSquad
Bootleg toy I made from a Pez Dispenser and  Spec ops action figure purchased at a liquor store for a 1.99.
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p/Biggs 's comment chat from 5 months ago.
that would make one hell of an album cover of some kind

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p/Rukus verified_user 's comment chat from 5 months ago.
This is really close to a dream I had a few nights ago. I approve.