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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh


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Bio: Gölök Z Buday I am a libertarian comedian, as The Black Jester (blackjester.com), I ran for Mayor of Vancouver (buday4vancouver.bcindividualist.org) many times, & am looking at a possible 2019 Van East (vaneast.bcindividualist.org) run. Developer of Slave Master: The Game on Steam (slavemasteroffline.com). A TI. Top-Bi.

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Turn off the hotspots and public WiFi and watch them scurry home. If home is the place they can get to social media.
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John McCain was born in Panama. John McAfee was born in England. Ted Cruz, Canada.
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John McAfee, the tech pioneer behind one of the world's first consumer anti-virus programs, was reportedly arrested in Norway this week for wearing wear a woman's undergarment as a coronavirus mask. McAfee was ultimately released from a Norweigian jail after a brief stay.
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Posted by p/TheBlackJester Submitted about 11 hours ago.
Gölök Z Buday on Gab: 'When if #COVID19 spread could be traced to black market #Chinese Organ Harvests? It would be hard to know who had them, and who didn't. Who'd say they had one? #Uyghur #UyghurGenocide'
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Posted by p/TheBlackJester Submitted about 11 hours ago.
The Black Jester Says

Shut down WiFi hot spots around all the riots. #riots2020
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South Dakota Governor: https://twitter.com/govkristinoem/status/1294358719908794368