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"But words are things, and a small drop of ink, Falling, like dew, upon a thought produces That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think."-Lord George Gordon Byron refresh


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Bio: Gölök Z Buday I am a libertarian comedian, as The Black Jester (blackjester.com), I ran for Mayor of Vancouver (buday4vancouver.bcindividualist.org) many times, & am looking at a possible 2019 Van East (vaneast.bcindividualist.org) run. Developer of Slave Master: The Game on Steam (slavemasteroffline.com). A TI. Top-Bi.

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Posted by p/TheBlackJester Submitted about 9 hours ago.
A Pence For Your Thoughts

"Pence: US Will Not 'Tolerate' Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives"
@VP https://trends.gab.com/item/5ecc5b5188dd877812c5d73e  This right wing nut job basically cornered himself into his own strawman where he looks like he said, "but go ahead censor libertarians and leftists."
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When it comes to spending lives and treasure indefinitely we find we have no vital interest in whether these lands we occupy are ruled by monarchs, democrats, dictators or demagogues... If they don't attack us, why do we not just leave them be? When a Wall Street Journal editorial warned this week against any precipitous…
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