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"A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever"-John Adams refresh


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Joined 9 months ago.
Bio: 36, Italy. Right wing nationalist Also on Gab.com https://gab.com/TheItalianConservative

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p/Admiraltay 's comment chat from 1 day ago.
"Don't worry Trump won't win again. He's behind in the polls."

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And remember kids: have fun, stay safe and don't blow your dick off with a firecracker.
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p/Whitelivesmatter 's comment chat from 6 days ago.
Is this for real? What the fuck is bear? Lol! Autosexual?...

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p/Fleisch_Und_Leber 's comment chat from 7 days ago.
Do the lesbos know that their flag alludes to 'axe wounds'? Is that why...

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p/tin_whiskers 's comment chat from 7 days ago.
So, would that be naggot or figger?