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"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."-Abraham Lincoln refresh


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Bio: • https://www.minds.com/Vetus/ • https://twitter.com/vetusidio • Your friendly Greek Meme God

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p/TrumpisnotOJ 's comment chat from 6 days ago.
I can't tell if that thing is a guy or a girl period it's so...

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Posted by p/Vetus Submitted 6 days ago.
Fucking sheeps

In Greece not only they lied about the number of deaths from Coronavirus (people have died from other causes and they registered them as deaths from Coronavirus), not only they admitted about these lies in public but they also bragged about "Doing the right thing" by lying to us. But nooooooooooo: I am the conspiracist for not trusting the system.
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p/Hostile_Takeover 's post assignment from 6 days ago.
Vast Majority Of Australians Believe China Covering Up True Scale Of ...

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Fucking cleavage? REALLY? And yet they're ok with LGBT propaganda in children's shows? And yet centrists are like "Whoa OAG! You're so paranoid! There's no agenda here!". Sure thing: banning/censoring everything to appeals to the "male gaze", shoving LGBT themes to our throats fucking everywhere...Yeah, no agenda at all.
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p/404 's comment chat from 8 days ago.
Hitler was also anti gay if I'm not mistaken.

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p/The_Trump_News_Network 's post assignment from 8 days ago.
#msm #thepress #democrats #leftists #hollywood #communist #socialist ...

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Posted by p/Vetus Submitted 8 days ago.
Another cucked leftist that pretends being centrist to sound more based.