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UnsilencedVoice is a social network that encourages liberty, diversity of thought, and freedom of speech.
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"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves."-Henry David Thoreau refresh


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Another case of conservative site that whines about censorship in mainstream sites and brags about allowing freedom of speech...as long as it's the speech they approve. Just like gab's case. Also many conservatives here violate the rules 1, 4, 5 and 9 all the fucking time. Also the rule 10 makes them even worse than the mainstream sites they whine about: "We reserve the right to ban users from our site who post slander about UnsilencedVoice on this site or on other social media platforms.". Not even at Facebook, YouTube and twitter you get banned for slandering said sites.
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p/Ziczu 's comment chat from 4 months ago.
yeah but when there is a Cp Problem i do something.I have nothing...

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p/Commonsensical 's comment chat from 4 months ago.
Ok Coomer - No surprise, an incel that jacks off to furries is...

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This is *real* & horrific:
Disney movie FOR KIDS about a man coming...

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p/Ziczu 's post assignment from 4 months ago.

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p/That_guy_ 's post assignment from 4 months ago.
These are the people, the Marxists want to delete from history.