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"Guns are our friends because in a country without guns, I'm what's known as 'prey.' All females are."-Ann Coulter refresh


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This is called "The Secret Covenant." This was sent out to various emails on June 21, 2002; some claim a whistleblower from the inside sent the email. The email that it was sent out had no returning address. 
 This is a website called "evergreenaviation" and what is believed to be the main culprits to spray the skies in "chemical trails" (chemtrails). Here you will see a 747 Super Tanker that dumps fire-retardent onto fires, but if you scroll down to "Markets" you can see what other capabilities this 747 Super Tanker is capable of "Weather Modification."
 This is a U.S. patent; also, how the 747 Super Tanker is constructed and made to spray looking like a normal 747 passenger airplane (but it's an unmanned aircraft).
 This is a classified leaked document from FEMA addressing an exercise drill on Sandy Hook Elementary School the day of the "shooting."
 Here is also four YouTube videos pertaining to the "shooting" on Sandy Hook Elementary School that exposes the staged attack.
 Here is former "Astronaut" Buzz Aldrin getting exposed that we didn't go to the moon; Buzz Aldrin said "we didn't go there, and that's the way it happened."
 Here is another video ...
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