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"The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellowmen."-Robert Ingersoll refresh


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Zach lasseter

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Bio: God, guns and guitar. Ravi zacharias, Jordan peterson, William lane Craig, john lennox, jocko willink, steven crowder, Hodge twins, zeducation, mr. Obvious, liberal hive mind etc.

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p/_357SIG 's post assignment from 2 days ago.
This level of bullshit is legendary.

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Actor takes aim at transphobic politicians and ‘those with a massive platform who continue to spew hostility’, saying they ‘have blood on [their] hands’
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p/Mr_Shekelstein 's comment chat from 13 days ago.
I'd say the global corporate elite have acquired and assimilated much...

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p/sushipal 's post assignment from 14 days ago.
Immigration = Genocide

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p/RAKK_RECON 's comment chat from 14 days ago.
Your saying republicans don't like big corporations?! Lol

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p/RAKK_RECON 's post assignment from 14 days ago.
She has a point