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"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."-Bob Marley refresh


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Bio: i have no idea what to put in here.

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i have no idea what to put in here.
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Posted by p/doomfish Submitted 7 months ago.

Y'know #demandvoterid? that hashtag that gets your twitter account locked in less than 10 seconds?
Post your best memes relating to it. Make throwaway twitter accounts,flood the hashtag with the memes. do it on reddit too.
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i have no idea what to put in here.

I am so sick of everyone, both sides, making this mass shooting epidemic about politics and the 2nd Amendment.  Both sides do this every time. It starts with the loony left attacking guns, ends with Conservatives bullshitting that open carry is the answer.  Open carry may stop a shooter from killing 15 people, but it usually doesn't prevent him from killing the first 10 people, so it is not the answer.  The answer is to prevent this shit before it starts, and the base cause of these shootings is anger and frustration, a murderous rage in YOUNG WHITE MEN.  Yes, I said it, most of these shooters are young white males.  Why is that?  If a black boy kills someone, it is usually over drugs or gangs.  If a Muslim boy kills someone, it is usually over fucking Allah, and religiously motivated. However, we're not getting to the reason behind so many young white men snapping. Is it frustration from not being able to say politically incorrect shit, or even have an honest conversation without being called racist?  Taking away someone's freedom to express, doesn't make their angry opinion disappear, it only causes it to boil inside.  Is it sexual frustration? Not being able to get the girl?  Is it porn or video games scrambling the minds of someone already mentally compromised?  Are we just seeing the mental consequences of broken families and kids raised by electronics? If racism is playing a part in anyway, it has to be more complicated than just good ol' fashioned racism. For fucks's sake, these guys aren't targeting a particular color most of the time, they are randomly shooting at anyone. So what is going on?  Maybe these guys are sick of the media and liberals pushing white men down because of our country's historical mistakes?  Maybe these guys have actually dealt with racism, but because they are white, they do not have any support so they find the dark corners of the internet to go into a hateful ...
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voat.co is being hit hard and is down. something pizza related has sparked the attack. their archive... - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
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i have no idea what to put in here.