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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."-Benjamin Franklin refresh


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Bio: It's much easier to make good men wise, than make bad men good. ― Henry Fielding ******************************************************************************************************************* Anti-abortion Pro-death Penalty Married Republican Mom to 3 sons I've moved from being red-pilled to being www.blackpilled.com Ready for the complete societal collapse. Dislikes: back-seat drivers, genocide; "All violence is a quest for identity." - Marshall McLuhan ******************************************************************************************************************* "You [Sushipal] gotta be the dumbest fuck on this entire platform" p/The_Trump_News_Network (5/28/2020)

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Pew Research Center’s Hispanic trends found that Hispanics are categorically rejecting the label of “Latinx.” The question of pan-ethnic labels to describe people with origins from Latin America and Spain has been a subject of discussion for decades. Over the decades there has been a consensus to label such people as Hispanic and Latino. However, …
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The U.S. is reaching record lows in terms of the number of refugees it’s admitting. Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch highlighted that only 7,905 refugees have been admitted to the U.S. since October 1, 2019, which is the first day of the fiscal year 2020. Last fall, the President imposed a ceiling on the …
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On Friday The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe attended the White House Press Conference. Alicia asked President Trump about Joe Biden taking credit for the Trump Israel-UAE peace deal. We wrote about this ridiculous claim earlier today. President Trump responded in classic Trump style. Alicia Powe: Alicia Powe The Gateway Pundit, Yesterday you announced a historic…
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A DC appeals court ruled on Friday that Hillary Clinton does not have to testify on her private email system and Benghazi attack records. Judicial Watch in 2015 discovered Hillary Clinton used a private server and blew the story wide open after uncovering emails she sent from a non “state.gov” email account. Earlier this year…
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Yeah can't wait to argue with an angry Shaniqua for a $20 refund.

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