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"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies."-George Washington refresh


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Bio: It's much easier to make good men wise, than make bad men good. ― Henry Fielding ******************************************************************************************************************* Anti-abortion Pro-death Penalty Married Republican Mom to 3 sons I've moved from being red-pilled to being www.blackpilled.com Ready for the complete societal collapse. Dislikes: back-seat drivers, genocide; "All violence is a quest for identity." - Marshall McLuhan

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Most of us, the lucky ones, have only experienced warfare in the movies. But many of us feel its sting through the loss of loved ones. War doesn't just destroy,
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Coulter rounded off her online rampage affirming the issues that Trump propagated as a candidate were ditched as soon as he entered the White House
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Drag Queen Story Hour is a troubling phenomenon that has swept the nation, starting in approximately 2016. Libraries all over the country, from rural Iowa to downtown NYC have hosted men, dressed as flamboyant caricatures of women, in tight sequined dresses, sky high heels and garish makeup, to promote gender bending, homosexuality and cross-dressing to minors.
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The bigger picture in all this goes way beyond the issue of vaccines, of course. With this decision, Facebook is now signaling that it will ban all conversations or content that contradicts “official positions” on any topic...
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At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world's energy future, describing the need for "miracles" to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he's backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.
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p/sushipal 's post assignment from about 1 hour ago.
India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes 2014 - Christina ...
p/sushipal chat replied about 1 hour ago.
“The Gates Foundation and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, were exposed for forcing untested polio vaccines and 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccines on innocent children in Pakistan. Many of the children developed so-called “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis,” or NPAFP, which reports indicate is twice as deadly as polio itself.”
“Gates Foundation, WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF Behind Chad Vaccine Disaster
In December 2012, in the small village of Gouro, Chad, Africa, situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, five hundred children were locked into their school, threatened that if they did not agree to being force-vaccinated with a meningitis A vaccine, they would receive no further education.
These children were vaccinated without their parents’ knowledge. This vaccine was an unlicensed product still going through the third and fourth phases of testing.
Within hours, one hundred and six children began to suffer from headaches, vomiting, severe uncontrollable convulsions and paralysis. The children’s wait for a doctor began. They had to wait one full week for a doctor to arrive while the team of vaccinators proceeded to vaccinate others in the village.
When the doctor finally came, he could do nothing for the children. The team of vaccinators, upon seeing what had happened, fled the village in fear.”
“The Gates Foundation Blamed for 10,000 Vaccine-Related Deaths
In 2013, yet another report named the Gates Foundation and GAVI as being responsible for multiple deaths using untested vaccinations on children from the developing world.
The report, published on the website Occupy Corporatism and written by Susanne Posel stated:
“It was found out through an investigation, that GAVI was using an untested vaccine; giving this dangerous vaccine to Pakistani children shows the lack of empathy associated with these organizations.
GAVI was blamed for the deaths of 10,000 children in Pakistan when they came in and administered polio vaccines that resulted in ...

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Are vaccines right for your child? Go to VacTruth.com and instantly download free life-saving information.
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Speaking before Italy's parliament, Deputy Sara Cunial blasted Bill Gates' push for global vaccinations, and called for Italian Prime Minister
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Virginia Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell is laying out his hardcore America First agenda in a new campaign ad targetting corporate
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According to a damning report, child porn originating from the Philippines is being sold on the social media platform, Twitter.
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A three-year-old girl was tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease after an alleged rape at the hands of an