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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"-The Friends of Voltaire refresh

The general power of juries to decide on verdicts was recognised in the English Magna Carta[18] of 1215, which put into words existing practices:

Patriots, always remember "juror nullification." If you are ever empaneled within a jury and a patriot is being charged with a crime and though TECHNICALLY, in the eyes of a Marxist or leftist or brainwashed snowflake or a New World Order traitor filth or other freak, in the "eyes of written law" that patriot is guilty that patriot may actually be a hero in the eyes and minds of the Founders and the troops storming into death on D-Day or the patriot that waded into the pack of Negroes assaulting the elderly White man and using a club knocked out two of the feral beasts and sent the rest running and... well, I hope you understand.

Patriots, vote "NOT GUILTY" no matter how long a leftist traitor judge or prosecutor keeps sending the jury back until that traitor gets the GUILTY verdict he demands. Stand up to traitors. When a patriot is being screwed stick with "NOT GUILTY" until hell freezes over and the patriot is released.

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